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If you’re new to my website you’ll see a lot of beautiful memories captured, but you never see the work behind it to make it a success. 

Don’t let the pictures fool you. Even the simplest of events require a lot of hours and days of planning to execute it fully. I learned it the hard way the first time I hosted an event about 7 years ago. 

1. You REALLY need this event to be successful

Maybe- Just Maybe! This event is for attracting new business/ clients. Risking a total failure for your event could not only tarnish your brand, but could really sink your business. Just as how you file your business taxes with a professional, you need a professional in your corner to help you maintain the image of your business that you want seen. It’s fun the first two or three days when you get to scroll through Pinterest or instagram for ideas, but 90% of those are done by professionals for people like you who have hired them to do it. How badly do you want your event to succeed and show your strengths? Hire a planner to help you bring your vision to life. 

2. BUDGET?? Where do I start? How do I know how much I need?

Event planners save you money. Your expectations may just be higher than you understand and a bit unrealistic. Maybe your budget is too low. As event planners, we use our expertise AND network of trusted vendors to give you an estimate of material cost, labor costs, delivery costs and much more. This ensures that we help you stay within your guidelines and help you make adjustments if necessary. Event planners are organized and help to give you a structure for your event. We already have a database of vendors and information that will be your template to make your event successful. This will help to reduce costs because event planners become your negotiators with vendors who they already have a relationship with. Event planners ensure you get a fair rate and reasonable contract terms. Our expertise allows us to allocate your money and show you what to prioritize to create the lasting impact you need for guests to walk away with. 

3. Thinking about planning your event gets your mind boggled.

Event planning is always a stressful thing if it’s your first second, and even your 5th time. Remember learning to tie your shoes the first time? I bet it was frustrating. I’m sure it required a lot of trial and error. Your business or special event shouldn’t have to fail the first umpteen times for you to get help. It will leave you pulling your hair out trying to organize your event properly, from booking the venue, creating a vendor list, contacting multiple vendors for the same service or product, choosing decor, and creating a production timeline are difficult tasks when you do not do them all the time. THAT’S WHY CRAZY PEOPLE LIKE US EXIST who take joy in handling the chaos and turning into something productive. If you want to truly enjoy your event and relieve the stress of doing double duty between your normal every day life and your event, look no further.

4. An event planner saves you TIME.

We as event planners will come to you with design boards based on your vision and requests so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling the internet and figuring out how to implement every detail. We understand that you just might not have the time! We meet with your vendors and make calls on your behalf to save you the hassle of driving around days and weeks before your event. Event planners update you on the progress of the work being done and we basically pre-vet vendors to ensure you don’t waste time on vendors that will not help be any benefit to your event. A true dedicated planner will set necessary deadlines, and go all the way to meet them, ensuring your event is full of flair and within your budget.


5. Event planners are ORGANIZED. They are your project managers.
Planning a successful small or large event requires and understanding and knowledge of the intricate details involved. Things will slip through the cracks if you lack the experience and knowledge of what needs to happen. Events don’t just happen, they are carefully planned with an intended outcome in mind. We event planners fine tune your your event and break it down into pieces that  you have no idea existed- deadlines, deliveries, timelines, vendor lists and follow ups, productions details, prep months or years in advance, bookings, day of coordination, start and end times, creative designs, deposits are paid- that’s just the surface of what your planner covers even for a small event that seems minor. they are your on site, on the ground man. They give time stamps for your event running smoothly. 

If you would like to contact us on how we can take your business to the next level, let’s schedule a consultation with us. Don’t wait till it all goes downhill. 

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